lunes, 3 de agosto de 2009

An ´Aryan Messiah´

´The Aryan Messiah´ is the latest novel by the evangelical writer and historian, Mario Escobar, a regular contributor to this news agency, and the author of numerous articles on topics such as the Inquisition, the Reformation, or the cults.

Escobar´s most popular work to date was ´The Maine Conspiracy´, one of the best-selling books in 2006, for which the film rights have already been snapped up. ´The Aryan Messiah´ is, we are told, ´another spine-tingling thriller which will make readers doubt the truth of the history they have been taught. It is a novel based on a combination of agile prose, great atmosphere, a small dose of mystery, and excellent documentation.´ If that´s true, it´s the exact opposite of ´The Da Vinci Code´. Here´s another quote from the marketing blurb:

´Madrid, summer 1914. Several teachers have inflicted injuries upon themselves in the National Library and two police officers, Hércules Guzmán and George Lincoln, are sent to find out why they did it. It all seems to be related to an enigmatic book brought to Europe by Vasco de Gama from his first trip to India. The two men set off on a hair-raising chase that takes them from one clue to the next, decoding messages which have remained hidden for centuries. A riddle which must be solved before Europe plunges into war and the prophecies are fulfilled. ´

Literary critic David Yagüe says: ´Mario Escobar works wonderfully well with the components of a contemporary best-seller, adding in a frenetic pace, conspiracies and secret societies. ” The novel is due out this month.

Mario Escobar was born in Madrid in 1982 and studied History at university. He edits an evangelical magazine devoted to church history and works for the Leprosy Mission. He has done research on the history of the Church, the discovery and colonisation of America, and Spanish and Latin American ´heretics´. He is a member of an Evangelical Church in Madrid.

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